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Public Safety Officer

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Job Description

Boston Medical Center (BMC) is more than a hospital.

It's a network of support and care that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need each year.

It is the largest and busiest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England.

Emphasizing community-based care, BMC is committed to providing consistently excellent and accessible health services to all-and is the largest safety-net hospital in New England.

The hospital is also the primary teaching affiliate of the nationally ranked Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and a founding partner of Boston HealthNet - an integrated health care delivery systems that includes many community health centers.

Join BMC today and help us achieve our Vision 2030 which is a long-term goal to make Boston the healthiest urban population in the world.

Position: Public Safety Officer

Department: Public Safety

Schedule: Full Time


Provides services as a Public Safety Officer within BMC Department of Public Safety to provide police, security, parking, transportation and control center services as necessary.

Ensures consistent and safe service delivery throughout the medical center involving all members' institutions.

Utilizes the medical center's core values as the basis for decision making and to facilitate the medical center's mission.


Performs daily Operational Functions upon request by the Public Safety Supervisor or the Public Safety Desk Officer to ensure that BMC's operational needs are met in as efficient a manner as possible.

Operational responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following standards:

Responds immediately and appropriately to all stat requests for assistance issued by the Public Safety Desk Officer.

Responds immediately and appropriately to all emergency, contingency, or disaster situations.

Responds as soon as possible to all calls assigned by the Public Safety Desk Officer.

Documents all incidents responded to and informs Public Safety Desk Officer of all actions taken.

Completes all incident reports in an objective manner, writes in a clear and legible style and submits all incident reports and accompanying documentations to the Public Safety Desk Officer prior to departing from BUMC at the end of the shift.

Utilize strong customer service skills and community policing philosophies to develop and build strong relationships with the community we serve.

Manage complex and dynamic and emotionally charged situations in an effort to restore order, investigate nefarious or criminal activity and take the appropriate safety, security or police actions

Investigate all reports of suspicious activity, persons, hazards or risk and take the necessary steps to mitigate risk to patients, visitors and staff.

Investigate reports of nefarious or criminal activity including but not limited to: Larceny, burglary, threats or assault.

Take the appropriate actions to protect and process evidence, interview witnesses, victims and persons of intrest, interrogate suspects and document findings.

Take appropriate police actions (sworn Officers) when necessary, appropriate or mandated, based on training procedure and legal requirements.

Use effective and appropriate de-escalation techniques when addressing disorderly, disruptive or emotionaly charged persons.

Ability and proficiency to use physical force when necessary and appropriate, to contain, restrain, arrest or stop a physical threat or assault.

Provides escorts to patients, visitors, employees, staff and students in order to ensure the safety of the requester in accordance with BMC policies and procedures.

Provides cash transfer escorts throughout BMC upon request.

Patrols BMC property and grounds, documents all deficiencies and/or violations of policy.

Ensures that only authorized vehicles all allowed access to parking areas controlled by BMC and documents all violations of parking policy.

Performs all duties as a Special Police Officer in accordance.

Provides Access Control in order to ensure that all persons and/or property entering or exiting BMC are in compliance with medical center policies and procedures.

Access control responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following standards:

Ensures that all employees are in possession of an authorized form of identification and that is clearly visible.

Consistently challenges all individuals without visible identification in a courteous manner.

Enforces policies with regard to age of visitors and restricted areas of BMC.

Ensures that all vendor representatives are identified, issued an appropriate pass and directed in accordance with BMC policy.

Ensures that all material leaving the property of the medical center is inspected and that only authorized articles are permitted to be removed.

Restricts access to those individuals who have no authorized business within BMC or a particular department or area in accordance with BMC or departmental policies and procedures.

Provides information to all patients, visitors, employees, staff and students upon request in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner.

Performs Public Safety Desk Officer Duties as assigned by the Operations Supervisor/Manager to ensure that operations of the department run in an efficient, effective and professional manner.

Public Safety Desk Officer Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following standards:

Coordinates all activities of Public Safety, Parking and Transportation Services during non-business hours, acts as liaison to other BMC departments and external agencies, reflects the friendly, courteous, helpful and professional attitude of the department at all times.

Coordinates the post assignments of scheduled staff in an equitable fashion.

Prioritizes and assigns responses to incidents and requests for assistance and ensures that all are resolved in a timely fashion.

Maintains a chain of custody of all property, evidence and equipment at the main Public Safety desk.

Documents all actions taken by departmental staff, all incidents reported and ensures that all supporting documentations is provided by Public Safety officers assigned to respond to calls for assistance.

Monitors all electronic security systems associated with the departmental operations at the main Public Safety desk in accordance with department Policies and Procedures.

Pages the Supervisor when appropriate to provide additional resources or regarding a systems failure.

Performs all services in accordance with the appropriate BMC Policy and Procedure Manual.

(The above statements in this job description are intended to depict the general nature and level of work assigned to the employee(s) in this job.

The above is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of accountable duties and responsibilities required).



HS Diploma required; A.S. in Criminal Justice or equivalent preferred


Must meet the requirements set forth by the Massachusetts State Police and/or Boston police to be appointed as a Special State Police Officer in accordance with the requirements in the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22C Section 63 or Special Officer in accordance with Boston Police Department Rule 400.

CPR certification in accordance with Special Police Officer requirements

Must be able to obtain and maintain a Firearms Identification Card or License to carry a firearm in Massachusetts in accordance with the equipment policy, if needed

Must possess and maintain the ability to legally operate a motor vehicle in the state of Massachusetts.


6 months to 1 year preferred Security and Customer Service Experience


Detailed in responsibilities and duties

Req id: 21638

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