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Job Description

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Position: Medical Assistant

Department: Infectious Disease

Schedule: Full Time, Day


Performs Medical Office support in both the administrative and clinical areas:

In the clinical area the practice assistant, under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse, and in accordance with hospital policies, procedures, protocols, and standards of practice participates in the delivery of patient care.

In the administrative area the practice assistant gathers patient information for registration, schedules appointments, verifies demographic and financial information and assists in the facilitation of patient flow throughout the ambulatory setting.


Delivers care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to and demonstrates respect for patients.

Duties include:

Clinical Support: Under the direction of the licensed Nurse or Provider, performs a variety of appropriately delegated patient care interventions for patients and their families.

Collaborates with the licensed Nurse/clinic manager, as a member of the interdisciplinary team throughout the shift to determine appropriate work assignment and priorities, as well as communicates status of delegated task completion and outcome of patient data findings.

Maintains timely ongoing verbal communication.

Monitors patient flow including waiting room activity and communicating wait time updates to patients.

Informs nursing staff, technical staff and/or supervisor of arrival of patients.

Conducts pre-visit chart review and preparations for upcoming visits, including:

Identification and documentation of patient care needs based on clinic guidelines and protocols (e.g. live interpreter needs, Hoyer-lift).

Enters order for labs and tests to be completed at upcoming visit per clinic guidelines and protocols.

Greets patient in waiting room and escorts to exam room.

Uses recognized and accurate medical terminology and abbreviations for all documentation, avoiding the use of unapproved abbreviations, per Hospital policy.

Assists with intake process in the following areas as determined by departmental needs:

Checks two patients identifiers

Accurately collects and documents in the medial records vital signs, chief complaint/reason for visit, and medical/family/social history

Enter allergies and smoking status

Documents current medications and prescriptions that need to be renewed

Obtains immunization records/history, and enters findings into patient medical record

Instructs patient on how to prepare for the provider (assisting as necessary)

Anticipates/sets up special equipment and/or supplies needed for visit

Administers preventative/population health management screens and questionnaires (e.g. PHQ2 and other behavioral health screens) and records in medical record.

Arranges refills information for provider approval

Downloads glucometer and other device data for provider review

Alerts the provider when patient is ready and communicates abnormalities in findings (e.g. elevated temperature )

Complies with department documentation standards to ensure a complete and accurate patient record

Update patient pharmacy information

Collects, labels, sends and may deliver specimens with appropriate laboratory slips and or requisitions.

Identifies emergency/crisis situations and initiates appropriate response actions within the scope of his/her role, including immediate communication of such events to the licensed Nurse/Physician.

Under direction of the licensed nurse or designee maintains competence of tasks and performs tasks in relation to a variety of technical skills which may include but are not limited to:

Cast/splint care

Guaiac, sugar and acetone, urine pH

Glucose finger stick

Application of external monitors

GU irrigation set up

Routine EKGs

Hearing Test

POCT (i.e. glucometer, pregnancy test, etc.)

Peak flow

Visual acuity

Vital signs

Oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter

Personal patient glucometer downloads

Leg/girth measurements

Biopsy set up

Procedure tray set up

Urine culture prep

Simple dressing changes eg.

DSD Suture removal

Specimen Collection


Provides basic skin care, including but not limited to: application of heat and cold, diabetic foot care, application of elastic stockings, and ace wraps.

Redundant to Q above.

Uses Universal precautions, performs wound care inclusive of simple dressing changes and saline irrigations.

Must arrange for Registered Nurse to be present for wound assessment with each dressing change.

Assists licensed nurse/health team members with various minor procedures limited to set up and breakdown of simple sterile procedure (e.g. sterile biopsy).

Draping and prepping patient under the direction of the licensed nurse or provider, including but not limited to:

Endometrial biopsy

IUD insertion and removal

Pelvic exam Incision and drainage

Punch biopsy

Colonoscopy Suprapubic tube changes

Provides basic patient equipment care including but not limited to: changing hearing aid batteries, applying splints/prostheses, etc.

Helps to complete patient visit:

Prints disposition forms and patient education materials

Assists with staging selected prior authorization for medication or supplies needed under the direction of nurse manager or designee

Strictly adheres to isolation procedures as initiated by licensed personnel.

Performs initial cleaning/decontamination of equipment/materials and instruments.

Checks inventories, and restocks, replaces, assembles patient equipment and supplies.

Utilize the care team's population health management registry or other applicable database for preventative care outreach, including:

Review of patient data

Reminding patients of test/screening needs (i.e. by phone, letter)

Prints and displays care team registry data or other applicable database data

Restocks, replaces assembles patient equipment and supplies ordered by Nurse Manager and/or designee.

Responsible for alerting licensed nurse, manager or designee of broken, or otherwise non-functional supplies or equipment.

Prepares supply order form.

Understand, respect and demonstrate patient confidentiality in all endeavors Performs other duties as needed.

Advanced Clinical Activities:

The list below is not an all-inclusive list, but illustrates the nature and scope of some tasks/procedures that a Practice Assistant in a Specialty clinic may

1) assist with or,

2) perform.

These procedures may require specific training (typically provided by a BMC staff member or vendor training).

Some procedures may require special certification.

Some examples of these tasks/procedures are:

Assist with:

Chronic wound treatment (e.g. assist in wound graft)

MOHS surgery

Excisional surgery

Laser treatment

Cool/Sculpting treatment

Other Cosmetic Procedures (e.g. peels, fillers)

Urodynamic studies

Flow rate/voiding trials

Low-dye taping

Phototherapy and PUVA


Suture Removals


Clerical Support : Performs all duties associated with an Ambulatory Services Representative, including but not limited to registration, scheduling, and collecting co-payments.

Gathers and/or assist patients with registration information at every visit.

Ensures accurate data entry and updates data into the computer system.

Data includes demographic, billing data and patient payment information.

Verifies third-party insurance coverage for patients, including day of service and whether prior approval for service is necessary for proper reimbursement of services rendered.

Obtains this approval whenever it is necessary, and enters into the hospital billing system appropriately

Follow internal collection and cash control policies by informing patients of their financial obligations, collecting payment (deposits, co-payments) at time of service and controlling cash.

Directs patients with financial concerns to staff who can assist them in the completion of applications forms.

Creates and/or obtains medical records for patients and distributes copy to the appropriate person.

Assigns medical record numbers to new patients in order to ensure current information on the patient record system.

Collaborates with Medical Records department for suspected duplicate records.

Maintains clinic files and patient records; screen patient's chart prior to appointment, checks for lab work, x-ray, and other pertinent results, and verifies information as required.

Uses computer terminal for access/input of patient information, lab results, x-ray and other automated requests and communicates findings to appropriate healthcare team members.

Stamps and dates charts as required; prepare files and other clinic specific forms Mails out clinic specific notices and letters as required.

Handles clinic mail and delivers to the appropriate person.

Creates cross-booking activities for both linked appointments (social services, nutrition, interpreters, etc.).

Reschedules patients from canceled or bumped clinic sessions.

Enters charge code and updates diagnosis codes into the patient account system, as directed and as appropriate.

Tracks and arranges for return of borrowed/rented equipment.

Maintains appropriate equipment logs and records.

General duties:

Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the groups of patients regularly served.

Orientation of new staff; serves as a resource to float pool staff

Conforms to hospital standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights, so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.

Utilizes hospital's cultural beliefs and RESPECT attributes as the basis for decision making and to support the hospital's mission and goals.

Advanced Administrative Duties:

The list below is not an all-inclusive list, but illustrates the nature of administrative duties associates with advanced clinical action:

Schedule urgent patients into providers schedule for immediate evaluation.

Completion of billing batch for advanced clinical activity (e.g. photo and PUVA, suture removal, dressing change batch).

Creates and maintains special procedure and sub-specialty patient list for reference Maintain special procedure and sub specialty areas:

Cleaning and audit.

Inventory and inspection of special equipment and instruments Stocking and ordering of special items.

Maintain vendor logs/relationship and informs nurse manager or designee of equipment needing service.

Other duties as assigned.

Work Rules, Standards, and Competency Compliance :

Maintains a presentable appearance in accordance with dress code requirements, including wearing visible hospital identification badge that identifies self as a Medical Assistant.

Adapts to changing patient and practice unit needs including but not limited to: offering assistance to other team members, floating, adjusting assignments, etc.

Collaborates with the nurse manager/clinic supervisor to coordinate break periods with the practice unit's activities.

Acts in a manner that supports a positive and collaborative work environment and that is congruent with established standards, policies, procedures, and regulations

Works cooperatively and constructively with all staff members and takes appropriate steps to effectively resolve interpersonal conflicts, seeking assistance from his/her superior when needed.

Seeks out and acts upon constructive feedback regarding daily performance and works towards achieving goals identified during performance evaluations.

Participates in staff meetings/initiatives including appropriate quality improvement and education activities, or if unable to attend non-mandatory activities, accepts responsibility to review meeting minutes and becomes knowledgeable of issues discussed.

Participates in ongoing educational activities to maintain technical competency and updates requisite skills in his/her area of responsibilities, maintains required certificates, e.g., safety regulation and infection control standard review, departmental and unit specific competencies, etc.

Attends in-services on new equipment, procedures and programs; maintains accurate annual education record.

Complies with established practice standards, policies, procedures, protocols, guideline, and regulations, e.g., DPH, TJC, Fire Codes, OSHA, etc.

Adheres to attendance, safety, and infectious disease control policies/standard; consistently available on the unit.

Delivers care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to and demonstrates respect for patients.

Treats patients in a manner that preserves and protects patient autonomy, dignity, confidentiality, and patient rights.

Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the groups of patients regularly served.

Conforms to hospital standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights, so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.

Utilizes hospital's cultural beliefs as the basis for decision making and to support the hospital's mission and goals.

(The above statements in this job description are intended to depict the general nature and level of work assigned to the employee(s) in this job.

The above is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of accountable duties and responsibilities required).



Work requires of HS diploma or GED plus at least one of the following:

Successful completion of a medical assistant program or

Successful completion of the-second medical-surgical clinical rotation or

Equivalent combination of education and healthcare related work experience.


Requires at least two years of previous work experience.

Experience in clinical setting is preferred.


Must pass clinical competency testing.

Ability to effectively speak, read, and write English.

Ability to perform basic math and quantitative measurements, e.g. obtains height and weight, measures urine output, etc.

Excellent customer service skills and ability to communicate in a courteous, pleasant and professional manner with patients, general public, staff members, outside agencies, and all other internal and external contacts.

Organizational skills to set priorities and efficiently complete assigned work.

Ability to accurately interpret and utilize basic medical terminology and abbreviations.

Ability to work independently and to make decisions based on department polices and established procedures.

Basic computer proficiency inclusive of ability to access, enter, and interpret computerized data/information.

Must be able to maintain strict protocols of all confidential or sensitive information

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